CAS (Claims Administrative Services), Annie Ozella Jones Memorial Scholarship

The Claims Administrative Services (CAS) Safety and Claims awarded the San Jacinto College District the Annie Ozella Jones Memorial Scholarship for its dedication to safety. This scholarship was established to further promote the importance of providing a safe working environment in all districts and in the spirit of “giving back” to their valued clients. The scholarship award is $500.

Annie Ozella Jones had a love for children and a love for education. She spent her life dedicated to the education of children. Her goal was to give each child she taught the drive to learn more. She taught thousands of children during her 25 years in education at the New Boston Independent School District in New Boston, Texas. She pushed each student to take that extra step to learn more, and then to learn even more. Ozella was deeply committed to higher education and to seeing every student reach his or her potential. Her love of her students and her desire for the highest level of education will continue with the CAS Scholarship Program. CAS (Claims Administrative Services, Inc.) was formed in 1990 to provide workers’ compensation programs to schools and colleges.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum GPA 2.0
  • Minimum hours of enrollment six (6) credit hours

If awarded, the recipient must submit a non-returnable photograph to the SJC Foundation office.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Date of First Semester Attendance at San Jacinto College