Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT) Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to students seeking a certificate or Associate of Applied Science Degree in Process Technology, Instrumentation, Electrical Technology, Welding Technology or Pipe Fitting.

Scholarships are awarded in the amount of $2,500 for tuition, fees and course-related books and supplies. Funds will remain on student’s account until exhausted or upon successful completion of program. Upon successful completion of program, any remaining funds above $50 will be returned to the originating scholarship fund for rewarding. Balances $50 and under will be refunded to the student.

Recipients must attend San Jacinto College at least part-time (six (6) credit hours or more) each semester to receive funding.

Association of Chemical Industry of Texas (ACIT)
$2,500 (Distributed equally over the Fall and Spring terms)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Major
    • Are you perusing an Associates of Applied Science Degree or a certificate in one of the following: Electrical Technology, Process Technology, Instrumentation, Pipe Fitting or Welding?
    • What is your major?