San Jacinto College Central Campus - Central Campus Theater - Drama and Film Scholarship

San Jacinto College Central Department of Theatre and Film offer scholarships to actors and technicians who wish to continue performing in the department’s plays and films. Scholarships are designed to assist Theatre Majors as well as Non-Majors who participate in performances representing San Jacinto College as ambassadors to the public. San Jacinto College performances are an important link to the community, performing in a San Jacinto College Central Theater and Film production is a rewarding way for a student to give back to the College and the community. As Theatre requires a considerable time commitment and course enrollment from students, for rehearsals and performances, the scholarships awarded help assist students to pay for classes.

In order to be considered for a scholarship please contact Dr. Jerry Ivins to schedule an interview, 281-542-2039.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Will you be taking the required eight (8) hours of Theatre courses per semester?
  2. Do you plan to enroll in twelve (12) credit hours or more per semester?