San Jacinto College South Campus - Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Scholarship

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program will award (4) $250 scholarships per year to enrolled OTA students who demonstrate the AOTA Vision 2025 five pillars in the academic setting. Completion of a 500-word essay is required addressing the provided questions.
Student eligibility for scholarship must meet the following criteria:
• Financial need
• Minimum GPA 3.0
• Enrolled in the required hours of the semester for the OTA program
• Has been fully accepted into the occupational therapy assistant program (attach acceptance letter)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Discuss why you are in need of this scholarship?
  2. How will you utilize this scholarship to improve the profession of occupational therapy?
  3. How have you contributed to the OT profession within the classroom or in the community?
  4. How have you demonstrated all five pillars of the AOTA Vision 2025 in the classroom or community setting?