San Jacinto College South Campus - Physical Therapist Assistant Program Scholarship

The Physical Therapist Assistant Department will present up to four (4) Scholarships per year to enrolled student PTA’s. Each award will be $250 based on need and program attributes. Completion of a 500-word or less essay answering the following questions is required.

Eligibility for this scholarship also requires:
• Financial need
• In good academic standing; 3.0 GPA or competitive equivalent in PTA courses.
• Enrolled in the required hours of the semester for the PTA program
• Has been fully accepted into the physical therapist assistant program (attach acceptance letter)

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your participation in your programs’ student association, professional association and community activities.
  2. Describe how you are supported by your peers.
  3. Discuss your financial need.
  4. Describe how you have demonstrated professional growth (for 2nd year students).